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We take a holistic approach when creating preschool programs that incorporate a comprehensive range of educational and interpersonal development. We believe that by teaching children a range of skills that are transferrable across all contexts, we can build a strong foundation for learning that prepares them for their transition into school, and the next stages of their lives.

Our Preschool Program covers all your child’s developmental needs

Our high-quality preschool program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework and specifically designed to help your child start school with social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills that will help them thrive.

The transition to school program at Little Kingdom replaces the need for a separate prep year. After completing our high quality program, your preschooler will be ready for school. Our program incorporates both physical and psychological aspects of learning and supports your child through nurturing and trusting relationships. Our experienced and qualified teachers together with our resourced and safe environments, reinforce each child’s development via focus on four key development areas.

Early childhood educator teaching preschool aged child with pens

Social and emotional development for preschoolers

With guidance and support children can make leaps and bounds in their emotional development. We support pre-schoolers to regulate their emotions, and talk openly about their feelings, helping them develop strong social and emotional skills. From self-control to gaining understanding and purpose, our holistic approach to learning means your child is secure, supported and ready to take on ‘big school’.

Two preschool children playing in the garden
Preschool aged child using touch screen computer

Cognitive development for preschoolers

We create a diverse environment that challenges and develops the cognitive abilities of our preschool children. Using curriculum-based activities that are both educational and fun, our pre-schoolers have the opportunity every day to expand their minds and learn new skills.

Our activities cover areas of literacy, numeracy, creativity, problem-solving, technology and language and are developed and implemented by our experienced and qualified teachers.

Physical development for preschoolers

At preschool age children are continuing to build on and refine their physical skills. We develop specific and challenging experiences that allow pre-schoolers to test their abilities and continue their development.

Our wonderful indoor and outdoor spaces enable and encourage your child to take increased responsibility for their health and physical development. This promotes a culture of independence that’s needed for their school years.

Speech and language
development for preschoolers

As your child grows, their language skills become much more complex. Language is a vital part of both formal and informal education and it is woven into every accept of our Preschool program.

Via our transition to school program, preschoolers are encouraged and supported to use complex language to express their ideas, thoughts and observations, so that they can excel at ‘big school’!

School Readiness Preschool Program

We make school readiness easy with our high-quality preschool program designed to give your child the best possible transition to formal schooling. Our program focuses on these key areas to prepare your child for school.

Language and literacy

We foster your child emerging abilities to use and complex language and encourage their growing awareness and communication.


We continuously engage your child in activities based to expand their understanding of complex concepts within science, technology, engineering, and mathematical fields.

Social and emotional

Our preschool program is centred on growing your child’s capacity, resilience, and sense of self, providing them with a strong foundation to grown into socially and emotionally resilient people.

Creativity and self-expression

We value each child’s uniqueness and encourage your child’s creative self-expression, supporting them in expressing who they are openly and without judgement.

Physical and wellbeing

We continue to build on and refine your child’s’ important gross and fine motor skills. We give your child the physical abilities they require to transition to school.

Digital Literacy

We offer a range of technical and digital tools that allow the children to gain knowledge and skills via a variety of learning digital experiences delivered by our qualified educators.

End of year Graduation Ceremony and Portfolio

Each year our families are invited to watch their preschool children throw their graduation caps in the air to celebrate their transition into school. This special graduation ceremony is an exciting opportunity to celebrate and remember a wonderful year together before our preschool children take their next steps into the world.

Each child will leave Little Kingdom preschool with an end of year portfolio detailing their development and education throughout their time in our preschool.

We love seeing our children develop, grow and succeed!

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