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Providing early education for toddlers is crucial for establishing a foundation for their future development and learning. Typically, toddlers between one and three years old are curious and eager to explore their surroundings. Therefore, creating a secure and stimulating environment that encourages their natural curiosity and desire to learn is vital.

If you are looking for things to do with toddlers in Sydney, plenty of options are available. Some popular activities for toddlers in Sydney include visiting parks, playgrounds, museums and galleries or letting them stay with a reputable childcare centre such as ours at Little Kingdom Childcare.

When selecting activities for toddlers, remember that safety is a top consideration. At Little Kingdom Childcare, we recognise that toddlers have a strong drive to be independent and do things independently, so we encourage them to explore different concepts daily. We believe in supporting our toddlers to learn in a nurturing and holistic way and continuously strive to create a safe and secure space for them. 

Our program assists toddlers in extending their experiences through meaningful activities that help them build skills appropriate to their development. Through age-specific resources, relationships, play and communication, your little one is encouraged to grow and develop in our care.

Little Kingdom Childcare is here to help your toddler grow, learn and explore the world every day

Toddlers have a strong drive to be independent and do things on their own. We believe in encouraging and fostering this independence to allow them to form their own identities. We create a nurturing and autonomous environment for our toddlers that makes them feel welcome, secure, and ready to learn every day.

Social and emotional development for toddlers

As toddlers grow, they become more aware of themselves and others. At Little Kingdom Childcare, we provide toddlers with the support and reassurance they need to help them understand their feelings and that of others. Our program helps your child understand their emotions and how to respond to them by ensuring they feel safe, secure and comfortable in our learning environments. If you’re thinking about what things to do with your toddler in Sydney, consider sending them to Little Kingdom Childcare!

Cognitive development for toddlers

At toddler age, children develop into active thinkers. At Little Kingdom Childcare, we create an environment that encourages their ability to master new skills by exploring new and challenging activities and concepts. Through play-based learning activities, literacy and numeracy, we enable your child to explore the world using practical, real-life scenarios.

Physical development for toddlers

We give toddlers the supportive and stimulating environment they need for their continuing physical development. Aside from that, we promote ongoing growth and development by encouraging safe but challenging physical activity. By providing a safe place where they can walk, run, climb, dance and more, our program encourages health and physical well-being through physical play.

Speech and language development for toddlers

Your little one’s language is developing quickly by the time they are toddlers. At Little Kingdom Childcare, we promote language development that extends beyond speaking, allowing your child to experience a deep and meaningful understanding of speech and language. Our team of experienced educators encourage our toddlers to speak, listen and comprehend speech and language in everything they do!

A holistic approach to education for toddlers

The team at Little Kingdom Childcare takes a comprehensive approach that includes diverse educational activities and significant experiences, promoting education beyond just academic learning. We use the following methods to foster your child’s growth and development:

Regulating Emotions

Toddlers are little people with big emotions. Our programs are specifically designed to help them learn to navigate and manage their emotions.

Music and movement

Music and dance integrate cognitive, physical, social and emotional learning that supports our holistic approach to education. These allow children to express themselves in a fun and interactive way.

Promoting independence

We promote a sense of self and autonomy in our toddlers by encouraging them to take responsibility for themselves and their belongings whenever possible.


Nurturing and positive relationships help toddlers develop trust, compassion, empathy and the ability to explore the world safely and securely.

Books and Stories

Toddlers love to read, and books spark their imaginations while helping them to develop speech, language and early literacy skills.

Songs and Rhymes

Songs and rhymes encourage various skills and help toddlers learn sounds, words and language. Aside from that, these activities also expand their growing vocabulary.

Sensory Play

Sensory play supports all areas of development as toddlers engage in various activities and begin to make sense of the world around them.

Creative Arts

Art is an engaging way for toddlers to explore a range of colours, textures and materials. This also allows them to promote their ideas through creative expression.

Outdoor Play

Helping toddlers connect to their natural world is vital in the development of a variety of skills. Children encouraged to be outside also develop a strong respect for the environment.

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On the lookout for things to do with toddlers in Sydney? Little Kingdom Childcare is here to give your child the best possible early education and childcare. Book a tour at one of our centres today to see why Little Kingdom is the perfect learning environment for your little one.

At Little Kingdom Childcare, through age-specific resources, relationships, play and communication, your child is encouraged to grow and develop in the safe environment of our early learning centre. We recognise that toddlers are beginning to form a strong sense of self at this crucial age, so we encourage them to explore different concepts every day. Our program assists toddlers in extending their experiences through meaningful and fun activities that will help your child build skills that will further their educational and social development.

The benefits of early childhood education at Little Kingdom

We believe in supporting our toddlers to grow and learn through a nurturing and holistic daily program. This helps create a safe and secure space that encourages them to continuously test how the world works with confidence and safety. Our carers are well equipped to adapt our learning environment to suit each child’s specific requirements. Acknowledging that all children are individuals, with their own needs and unique ways of learning, socialising and comprehending, we continually adapt our programs at our early learning centres. 

As a family-owned centre, Little Kingdom understands the importance of building a sense of belonging, providing care and compassion in everything we do. We allow your toddler to develop in a structured environment that is flexible enough to ensure that their education is delivered in ways best suited to them. This also means your child will have fun rather than struggle to keep up or be bored because they are developing faster than others.

We’ve developed a holistic daily program

Though toddlers are ready to explore and absorb, in most cases, they have not yet mastered the how and why. This learning curve can result in your child experiencing varying levels of frustration which is why emotions are one of the key elements of our program. Through gentle guidance, children learn to understand and manage their emotions in our safe and nurturing early learning centre. 

Music and movement is a great way for children to learn new motor skills through dance, activities and play. They need the opportunity to run, jump and play throughout the day to feel fulfilled and release their energy. Learning a new song, producing a piece of art or mastering a new skill boosts their self-esteem and encourages further engagement and learning. Our program is also designed to stimulate their minds with literacy tasks and cognitive activities. Your child’s development will be nurtured from motor skills to speech, to numbers and words while also learning about social interaction.

Dedicated, compassionate and experienced carers

Our educators are dedicated to our core values of love, nurturing and education. We’ve created safe, secure and stable early learning centres, with the aim to create an environment that feels like home. That is why we have an open-door policy where you are always welcome to visit so you can feel confident your child is in the best of care. Our educators are professional, experienced and more than happy to talk with you at any time about your child’s progress.

Feel free to visit us at one of our two early learning centre locations, in The Rocks in the Sydney CBD and Georges Hall, both of which are conveniently located. Our staff at both locations would be more than happy to give you a tour, discuss our early learning centre education programs, provide information on our services and how they can help your child navigate toddlerhood. Book an appointment today to see just how much your child will enjoy their time at Little Kingdom Childcare. 

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