Education and development for your child in a safe and rewarding environment

Our holistic approach incorporates a comprehensive range of educational goals and objectives for children’s that stretches far beyond academic learning into all areas of social and emotional wellbeing.

Babies aged 0-2 years

For babies we know that their natural curiosity and allows us to work with them to not form strong cognitive skills and develop all areas of their social and emotional wellbeing. 

Toddlers aged 2-3 years

We recognise that our toddlers are beginning to form a strong sense of self and encourage them to explore different concepts every day. 

Pre-schoolers aged 4-5 years

We take a holistic approach when creating preschool programs that incorporate a comprehensive range of educational and interpersonal development.

The Little Kingdom approach to Early Childhood Education

At Little Kingdom Childcare we believe in a holistic approach to early years education. Our Educational Programs cater for each childs needs and are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework. Created and delivered by experienced educators and Bachelor qualified teachers, our educational programs cover every aspect of growth and child development. Our Pedagogy and Educational Programs are based on:

Your child’s individual interests

Children’s learning becomes more meaningful when they’re fully engaged. We use each child’s individual interests to encourage play based learning. By using children’s interests to engage them in learning activities, education becomes much more interesting and meaningful to each child.

Family Participation and Feedback

We recognise parents are a child’s first teacher. We believe that parents and families should have the opportunity to be involved in their child’s development. Parent and family involvement is essential in providing the best care and education in early childhood

The Early Years Learning Framework

The EYLF is a set of practices, principles and outcomes that drive our entire educational program. The EYLF was created by the council of Australian Governments to help early childhood educators to provide children with opportunities that optimize their learning and education.

Leading child development

We offer a child-centred, Reggio Amelia inspired teaching environment, where children learn through experimental play. Within this environment our educators practice several child development methodologies, applied together, for a holistic approach to child development. Educators employ practices from theorists like Maria Montessori, Erick Erickson, Jean Piaget and more.

A supportive approach to all your child’s needs

Our holistic and supportive approach to education views each child as a unique individual with a unique set of needs. Rather than only concentrating on specific areas of development, we consider the whole child and how they interact with the world. We emphasise the interconnection of cognitive, physical, social and emotion development to provide complete and encompassing education.

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