Our childcare centre at The Rocks, in the Sydney CBD is a little kingdom for your child

Our centre in the Sydney CBD provides the best in early education, is close to your workplace and will make life easier for you and your child. Little Kingdom Childcare The Rocks is the ideal environment for your child to grow and develop and is located in the heart of the city, for your convenience.

Enrol by 31st March and Claim your Enrolment Offer valued over $2000*.

The enrolment offer includes Four Children’s Haircuts, Three Date Nights, Two Weeks Free Childcare, One Saturday Fun Day. 
*T&Cs apply.

Exceeding the national standard.

Our service goes above and beyond the requirements of the National Quality Standards. Rated exceeding in all seven Quality Standard areas.

Sydney CBD Early learning centre, catering for Nursery to Preschool

1800 146 894

Monday-Friday: 7:30am -6:00pm
Level 4, 111 Harrington Street, The Rocks, Sydney

Our long day early learning centre in The Rocks provides a welcoming and safe environment for children aged 0-6. Offering excellent facilities, a high quality education program and a supportive, nurturing team of the best educators. Little Kingdom child care is a place where your child will thrive.

More benefits at Little Kingdom Childcare in Sydney CBD

You can trust that your child will always be safe and happy here at our Little Kingdom. This is why we go the extra mile to cater to our families’ needs, and encourage parents and close family members be a part of our program. `

Educational Programs

Our high-quality Educational Programs cater for each individual child’s developmental needs. They are designed by experienced educators and teachers and are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework.

Health & Safety

Our service in Sydney CBD offer a consistently high level of safety, that considers every aspect of each child physical and emotional wellbeing.

Staff to child ratios

We provide higher educator to child ratios, by having additional staff available at all time. This allows us to flexibly respond to the needs of each child and increase ratios when needed.


Offering five nutritious meals per day, our centre in The Rocks also encourages positive mealtime experiences to promote your child’s health and wellbeing.

All Inclusive

We provide an all inclusive service, which includes all meals, nappies, bedding and much more, meaning you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Staying Connected

We want you to feel connected with your child. We offer daily updates on your child’s day in our Story Park app as well as an open-door policy, so you will always feel welcomed

Transport and parking

Our conveniently located service at in the heart of Sydney CBD is easily accessible via public transport, close to Wynyard station and Circular Quay. We also offer convenient and easily accessible car parking and car drop off for our families.

Pram Storage

We offer convenient and secure pram storage for our Sydney city location. Leave your pram with us all day and make getting to work that much easier!

Family Involvement

We believe that family involvement is essential in providing the best care and education in early childhood. We actively seek family feedback and involvement in our service at The Rocks.

Preschool Program

Our high-quality preschool program at The Rocks, is specifically designed to help your child develop the skills they will need to thrive in a school setting.

Breast Feeding

Our centre in Sydney CBD supports mothers to continue to breastfeed. We provide a welcoming environment for mothers to comfortably breastfeed their babies.

Extra Curricular Activities

We offer a range of extra-curricular activities every day at our child care centre in the Sydney CBD. Our engaging extra-curricular activities such as sports, music and languages, support vital social and emotional skills, while inspiring your child to try new things.


Yes, of course. You can book your tour with our team at our Sydney Centre today with our online form. Simply fill out your details and select your preferred centre location. We offer in-person or virtual tours if you can’t make the trip or are practising social distancing. Ensure you select your tour time and leave any final comments, including whether you’ll be coming with the whole family or have a special request. Our team will be more than happy to accommodate your needs and requirements.

Little Kingdom is here to make a difference in your child’s life, as well as yours. We ensure your child feels safe, loved and nurtured and use a holistic approach to education and child care. We set out to exceed your expectations, and we always go above and beyond, accommodating every child’s needs and ensuring they get the attention they need and deserve. Our team at Little Kingdom Child Care in Sydney are experienced and passionate about providing the best childcare, and our centres create a comfortable and engaging learning environment for children. We care for newborns as young as six weeks old, toddlers and preschoolers up to 5 years of age. 


The Little Kingdom Childcare experience is special because it is governed by the Early Year Learning Framework. This is designed to give children a strong sense of identity, a consciousness for how they are connected to the world, and a confidence that they can contribute to society with purpose.

Given this, our schoolroom activities are supplemented by curated adventures outside the classroom intended to optimise children’s interactions and learning experiences, including excursions, incursions, sports, music classes, and language classes.

At the helm of these adventures are our staff at Little Kingdom Childcare, who are passionate about building safe, enjoyable, and nurturing environments for children.


Finally, we understand that dynamic, growing families need child care that exceeds all expectations. To achieve this, we provide holistic support that includes children’s haircuts, weekend fun days and date night minding services.

Our purpose built facilities in the Sydney CBD include incredible outdoor spaces for your child to play safely and have fun. We also provide your child with five nutritious and delicious meals a day with breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late afternoon snack included. With a six-week rotating menu cycle, we ensure your child is exposed to a range of flavours and cultures. 


We also offer a range of extra-curricular activities every day at our child care centre, including sports, music and languages. These activities provide vital social and emotional skills and inspire your little one to try new things and explore new interests.


Other facilities include but are not limited to, parking spaces, pram storage, drop off and pick up services, outdoor space overlooking the Harbour and accessible high quality resources suitable for early learning. Our child care centre in Sydney offers first-class care in a convenient location and a safe environment.

Our child care centre is centrally located in the heart of Sydney and boasts beautiful views of the Sydney Harbour. Located just a couple of minutes away from Circular Quay and Wynyard Train Stations, our Sydney CBD child care centre is accessible via all means of transport including trains, ferries, buses, light rail and if you drive in to the city, by car. 

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Amazing location in the Sydney CBD with fantastic outdoor spaces

Nurturing and experienced staff

Our highly skilled educators are not only passionate about what they do, but they genuinely care about the success of each child. They provide the nurture and care your child needs to feel safe, supported and loved at Little Kingdom childcare.

Welcoming and safe environments

Our centre at The Rocks provides a welcoming, homelike environment where children, families and staff feel like they belong. Our educators work to make sure all children feel safe, so they can fully engage in learning, build new skills, and develop meaningful relationships with others

Engaging educational activities

Every educational activity at Little Kingdom is carefully planned to be both meaningful and engaging. We use the interests and experiences of each individual child to plan and implement a range of learning activities designed to ignite curiosity and encourage learning.

A personalised experience

At our centre in The Rocks we believe that each child and family is unique with their own individual needs. We continuously go the extra mile to give our families what they need to have the best possible childcare experience. We work to ensure that every child and family experiences a genuine sense of belonging at our centre. You will always feel like valued part of our Little Kingdom family.

The team of early childhood educators at The Rocks

Our centre in the heart of Sydney CBD, has an incredibly dynamic team comprised of experienced educators, teachers, and support staff. Here we bring together individuals from different walks of life to create an innovative and creative group. With a multitude of experience and the perfect balance of skills, our dedicated and nurturing educators continuously work together toward a common goal of excellent education and care. We are also available if you work in the following nearby area: WynyardBarangaroo.



Bachelor of Educational Psychology, Diploma in Children’s Services, First Aid + CPR Trained, Asthma and Anaphylaxis Trained, Trained in Child Protection

Meet Mariana, our wonderfully warm and caring centre director at The Rocks. Her bright and cheerful nature is infectious, gentle character is loved by our children. Her dedication to the needs of our families is second to none and she treats each family with kindness and consideration.

Trusted by parents, loved by children

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We are here to give your child the best possible early education and care. Book a tour at one of our centres today to see why Little Kingdom childcare is the perfect learning environment for your child.