As a family-owned service, we focus on early learning pedagogy, learning and individuality. 

Our vision is to provide families with a service that is an extension of their own family. Your child will receive the highest quality care and education at Little Kingdom Childcare. Our aim is to become a part of your extended family – enabling you to entrust the care of your children to people who will love, nurture and educate them. Your child’s social and psychological development is our focus and we provide the best in early education. Our core values, Love, Nurture & Educate are at the very centre of everything we do and guide us in every decision and action we take. These values allow us to bring connection & meaning into everything we do to create a strong sense of belonging in each child’s life.

Our Philosophy

Little Kingdom is built on the foundations of family and is guided by the following principles.

Your Child

Your child is a unique and capable individual who has their own interests, talents, skills and ideas that we nurture and develop.


Family is the most important and influential aspect in the lives of young children and the significance of their relationships is our foundation.


Program facilitates your child being an active participant in our meaningful, integrated, emergent curriculum with EYLF as the framework.

Educators and Staff

Educators and staff are a highly regarded and valued resource in our Centre.


Community enhances the growth and development of your children, your families, and Centre educators and staff.

Learning Environments

Our learning environments are welcoming spaces which enrich the lives and identities of children and encourage children to learn about their connection to the natural world

The ages and stages of learning from 0-5

Understanding the different stages of development is an important part of providing children with the best care and education. Children need flexible care that adapts to their ever-changing developmental needs. Find out how we support development across all ages at Little Kingdom Child care.

Babies aged 0-2 years

For babies we know that their natural curiosity and allows us to work with them to not form strong cognitive skills and develop all areas of their social and emotional wellbeing. 

Toddlers aged 2-3 years

We recognise that our toddlers are beginning to form a strong sense of self and encourage them to explore different concepts every day. 

Pre-schoolers aged 4-5 years

We take a holistic approach when creating preschool programs that incorporate a comprehensive range of educational and interpersonal development.

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