Little Kingdom, for the best in early childhood education

Our core values love, nurture, educate enable us to bring a sense of connection and belonging to each child’s early years. We are passionately committed to creating an inclusive environment that supports the holistic development of every child in our care. Through creating and reinforcing positive learning experiences, we encourage a natural sense of wonder and spark a curiosity within that will grow into a lasting excitement for learning. We believe in the service we provide so much that our own children have attended our centres, in fact, it’s why we started Little Kingdom to begin with. 

The Rocks, exceeding the national standard.

Our service at The Rock goes above and beyond the requirements of the National Quality Standards. Rated exceeding in all seven Quality Standard areas.

Engaging and safe environments

We have worked to build a welcoming environment with a homelike atmosphere where children, families and staff can feel a sense of belonging. The environments in which children play and learn can have a big impact on all areas of their development. When children feel safe in their environment, they are more likely to fully engage in learning, develop new skills and form meaningful relationships with others. At Little Kingdom child care, we offer an environment where children have the autonomy to confidently learn about themselves and the world around them, in a safe and secure space.

Nurturing and loving educators

Our amazing educators are central to what we do. Our educators celebrate the wonders of childhood, learning and play and rejoice in each child’s achievements.

Not only are they are passionate about what they do, but they genuinely care about the success of each individual child. The work they put in to love and nurture the children creates a sense of belonging for children that is vital for their development. With the love, care and guidance of our educator’s children thrive, as they learn and grow every day.

We’re here to make a difference in your child’s life

You and your child will always feel safe, happy and involved at Little Kingdom child care. We set out to exceed your expectations and go above and beyond, accommodating every individual child’s needs through a holistic approach to education and care.

Health and Safety

We always maintain the highest safety standards. Through careful and thoughtful planning, we ensure our children, families and educators are always protected.

Staff Ratios

We provide higher educator to child ratios, by having additional staff available at all time. This allows us to flexibility to respond to the needs of each child and increase ratios when needed.

Nutritious Meals

We offer daily nutritious meals, regular snacks and positive mealtime experiences to promote you child’s health. We cater for all indyuvial dietary requirements.

Family Involvement

We actively seek family involvement and give parents and families opportunities to be involved in their child’s education and care.

Personalised experience

We know that each child and family is unique with their own individual needs. We offer a personalised experience, for you and your child. You will always feel like valued part of our little kingdom family.

Digital Literacy

We give your child the skills they need to live and learn in a world where communication and access to information is increasingly reliant on digital technologies.

Community connections

Community connections give children a sense of belonging and offer a range of learning experiences. Our community partnerships improve children’s learning, inclusion, and wellbeing.


We believe it is our responsibility to be environmentally conscious. We aim to embed sustainability into our curriculum, to promote awareness and action toward caring for our world and protect our children’s future .

Cultural Diversity

We create a welcoming environment for all and constantly maintain a high level of cultural competence. We embrace our multicultural community and promote a culture of openness, acceptance and understanding.

We form strong partnerships and become part of your extended family

We have a holistic approach to the way we collaborate and work with families. Our family owned and operated service builds a trusting and secure environment for children and families. We have an environment that is friendly, warm and inviting so that children, families and staff feel happy to be here. We also aim to encourage all families to be involved in all aspects of the service, including policy development and revision, curriculum input, evaluation and reflection. We also endeavour to provide an environment that reflects our diverse cultures and values yet still encouraging children to be proudly Australian.

Excursions and Incursions

Excursions and incursions expose children to all kinds of new and exciting experiences. These experiences give children the chance to connect with the broader community and gives educators the opportunity to extend their educational programs. All the excursion and incursion at Little Kingdom, are carefully designed to support the children’s development and learning.

Extracurricular Activities

We offer a different extra-curricular every day at our child care centres! Extracurricular activities are an excellent way for children to discover their interests and passions. Our engaging extra-curricular activities support your childs’ learning and build up their confidence. Our activities also help children develop vital social and emotional skills, while inspiring them to try new things.

Working with Health and Other Professionals

We engage with other allied health professional to provide a range of programs which enhance each child’s wellbeing. These programs are tailored to support the development of a healthy and well-balance child. Working though each child’s individual strengths, we support the progress over all areas of development.

Parents and families play an essential role in supporting their child’s care. When we work together children do better.

At little Kingdom childcare we believe in supporting your family as a whole. We know that when families are supported their children will thrive, that is why we offer your famliy lots of added benifits!

Date Night

Little kingdom offers our hard-working parents a well-deserved night out while we watch your little ones.

Parent and family workshops

We provide parents and family with educational workshops about range of parenting and child centred topics.

Shared celebrations

We love celebrating every special occasion with our children and families. Our easily accessible centres allow you to celebrate all special occasions with your child.

Parent teacher nights

We hold a biannual parent teacher night where you can be updated on your child’s development by one of our experienced educators.

Open door policy

Our door is always open and Parents and families are always welcome at Little Kingdom.

Book a tour at one of our class leading childcare centres

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