Corporate childcare in the Sydney CBD that rewards your staff & their children

Invest in your business today and make Little Kingdom child care a part of your extended family. A parent’s ability to access child care has a major impact on their ability to not just be employed but succeed in their role. Corporate childcare can boost staff morale, increase employee retention rates, and expand the scope of your recruitment abilities. Contact us today to learn more about our Sydney CBD corporate childcare packages tailored to your company’s needs.

Empower your employees and watch your business thrive with our personalised corporate childcare packages

Corporate childcare is a mutually beneficial investment. When high quality childcare is available companies increase productivity and attract and retain talent. Through Little Kingdom corporate childcare packages, you can give your employees access to high quality education and care that will benefit everyone.


Childcare benefits are an excellent incentive for potential employees as access to childcare can often be difficult and time consuming to organise.


Childcare can assist with higher staff retention within a corporation as it helps facilitates a more desirable work-life balance and allows you to retain employees that are valuable to your company.


Childcare is an easy means of ensuring optimal productivity amongst employees as it allows peace of mind to focus on the job when staff know that their children are in safe hands.


Loyalty is an important quality to foster within a corporation and it allows for retention of committed employees. Childcare shows a commitment to employees which can create loyalty in return.


Childcare is an excellent way of improving and maintaining staff morale as it eases stress and responsibilities at home allowing for a happier work environment.


Corporations work most efficiently when they maintain high attendance rates of their employees. Access to reliable childcare is an effective means of allowing employees to maintain a high attendance rate.

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Call us today to arrange a one-on-one with our senior management team and start enjoying the benefits along with your staff and their children.

Benefits of Corporate Child Care for Parents in the Sydney CBD

The benefits of corporate childcare programs from a business perspective are endless. One of the attractive by-products is the ability to recruit more of the marketplace’s top talent.

In today’s dynamic employment landscape it is becoming increasingly challenging to attract and retain a high quality work force. To compete in the recruitment market, companies have to provide their employees with benefits that allow them to thrive in the workplace. As such, it is important to make investments that support and encourage a strong sense of wellbeing in the workplace, especially amongst working parents.

When you invest in Corporate sponsored child care you not only allow your staff to reach their full potential, you also give your business the potential to achieve a powerful return on your investment. By partnering with Little kingdom Childcare, your organisation can send a clear message about how they value their employees and promote a work life balance.

A work life balance that can increase productivity and generate greater job satisfaction, allowing you to attract and retain talented employees. Little Kingdom Childcare can help your employees thrive and your position your business as an employer of choice. Speak to us today about benefits of our Corporate Childcare packages and how they can have a significant impact on the success of your business.

Benefits of Corporate Child Care for Parents

Invest in the future of your business by investing in your staff today. Giving your staff access to convenient and high quality child care allows your employees to participate in the work force to their fullest ability. Contact us today to see how we can support you to create a positive work life balance, increase productivity, and help your business thrive.


Our corporate childcare packages offer flexible booking options to cater for every family’s individual needs.


Your employees can enjoy the benefit of priority status maximising their access to early education and care.


We offer your employees a coordinator solely dedicated their needed. Meaning everything will be organised for them.


We provide parents and family with educational workshops about range of parenting and child centred topics.

Open door

Little Kingdom childcare has an open door policy, where parents and families are always welcomed to come and see their children at a time that suits them.

Play Spaces

Your employees can enjoy the benefit of priority status maximising their access to early education and care.

‘Best Start’
Child Care

We offer your employees a coordinator solely dedicated their needed. Meaning everything will be organised for them.

High Quality

High quality childcare is an appealing corporate feature that sets a company apart and mkaes it easier to attract a high quality work force.

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