Your First day at Childcare

The transition into childcare can be emotional, and sometimes challenging for children and families. Our wonderful educators work together with you to build the strong and supportive relationships needed for your child’s successful transition into childcare. We are here to support the unique needs of your child and family to give you the easiest and best start to childcare.

The Orientation Process

We understand that each child and family is unique with their own individual needs. Children react individually and transition into child care differently. To ensure the best experience for you and your child we offer orientation sessions that help your child settle into childcare. Orientation gives you and your child the opportunity to meet our educators and explore the environment before starting childcare.

Talk to our team to discuss your specific orientation needs. We are here to help!

Your child’s first day at Little Kingdom

Arriving at Little Kingdom

When you and your child arrive one of our friendly staff will be there to greet you and support you on your first day. Thanks to our flexible service you can arrive at a time that suits you.

What to

While each child is different, many children experience separation anxiety on their first day. Although your child may appear upset, our experienced staff have many techniques they use to help settle your child and help them to feel safe and secure in care.


When you are ready to say good bye our staff will be there to support you. We want you to feel comfortable before you leave, however we recommend speaking to our educators on the best ways to say goodbye before you leave your child.

Reflecting on your day together

After you pick up your child from Little Kingdom take some time to reflect on their day, with a positive and excited tone. Allowing children to reflect on their time with us will help them form connections and settle into care.

Useful tips for transitioning to childcare

Visit the centre

 Take some time to visit our centre with your child before their first day. This will help you and your child become familiar with the educators and comfortable in their new environment.

Give yourself time

If you can give yourself as much time as possible to make this transition. Orientation periods are designed to suit each individual child and giving your child extra me time to settle in can be really beneficial.

Talk about it

Take the time to explain to your child what they should expect on the first day. Talk about the drop off process. Be honest, let them know you will leave but you’ll be back to pick them up in the afternoon.

Be Reassured

Try and be positive and enthusiastic while talking to your child about starting childcare. When children hear your emotional tone and they’re going to get a sense of reassurance.

Let go of

Remember that every child is unique and every transition into child-care will be different, give your child the time and support they need to transition successfully.

Talk to your educators

Let our educators know about your childs likes and dislikes, and how you normally settle them. This information can make the transition to childcare much more comfortable for your child.

Find a

Routines help children feel safe and secure, find one that works for you. Preparing for child care together gives you the opportunity to reinforce a positive mindset and make arrival and transition much easier.


Remember that we are here to give you the best child care experience. If you’re unsure or worried at any point in your transition reach out and let us know and we can find a way to support you.

Staying connected

We always want you to feel connected with your child and we know that the first day away from your little one can be difficult. We are here to support you every step of the way. Our amazing educators are just a phone call away and always have time to keep you updated. We also offer regular Story Park updates and an open door-policy, so you will always be a part of your child’s day.

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