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Little Kingdom Childcare
LK-ExteriorAs working parents we needed a centre that was going to be fun, loving, secure and happy. The teachers are the most delightful I’ve ever seen, they are genuine and so loving and so patient. The centre is a happy space and you feel this as soon as you walk in. The classrooms are fun, colourful and have our kids' art on display to see. It’s a constant new exciting place. Fatima, what you have created or taken over and added is a credit to you. We hear others talk about wanting to be in our centre, we see the wonderful encouragement and support you give your staff and how you always try to better the centre. Your new extension is a wonderful new space and I’m so glad to be a Little Kingdom mum! I would highly recommend Little Kingdom as the best centre we have been at. Giaan & James are so happy there and for us this is so important.
Little Kingdom Childcare
callout-02Both of our children have really enjoyed their time at Little Kingdom. They have always looked forward to “school days”, the staff have always made the children (and us parents) feel welcome in the centre, and the teachers seem to really care for the children.

The centre is well equipped, comfortable and modern, and the fact that they have an onsite cook means we know our children are receiving fresh and nutritious food every day.
Little Kingdom Childcare
Any parent always goes through a hard time when they first leave their children at childcare, the team at Little Kingdom made this transition easy for both me and my two children. Each day they come home with a new adventure to tell me about or with a new skill that still takes me by surprise, the staff are not only kind and caring they also provide my children with the most basic need in life……love. I can’t express enough how much they bend over backwards to ensure the happiness of each and every child, from accommodating my hourly calls in the very beginning to carrying all my bags and sometimes children back with me to the car when I don’t have enough arms! I would recommend this centre to everyone, because it’s a little piece of home.