Five Things That Successful New Dads Do

While both parents provide loving care for a child, dads have an important role in children’s development. When dads are hands-on with their new baby and respond warmly and gently to their needs, it has a positive effect on their development. The way dad sounds, talks, feels and plays is different to mum. When your baby adapts to these differences it helps them learn, build trust and develop social skills.

At Little Kingdom Childcare we love seeing dads play a great part in their child’s life. Here are five things that successful dads do:                                                                                                                                         

1. Being involved 

Being involved in everyday routines such as bathing, feeding and bedtime is a great way to regularly connect with your child. Picking them up and dropping them off at childcare also provides a great time to bond. Select a childcare centre that is accessible to you and where you can drop in to visit your child. At home, be involved in soothing baby, bathing, feeding, changing nappies from the start. This builds a strong relationship from an early age. 

2. Playing with your child

Playing with children builds your connection and supports their learning and development. The active ‘rough and tumble’ play that dads often do (although either parent can do this) is a great way for children to have fun and try out their strength and skills confidence with practice.

3. Showing your love 

Tell children often that you love them, give hugs and cuddles. Express your love towards them on a daily basis. Have skin-to skin time with baby. It helps children feel safe and builds your bond.

4. Talking and listening to your child

Try to understand the feelings and ideas behind what children say. Look into baby’s eyes, smile, talk gently and copy their sounds back to them. Show you understand children’s feelings, e.g. ‘I see you’re upset because you really want that toy’. When they feel understood children are more likely to listen to your guidance. It also helps build your connection with them.                                                                                                     

5. Attending events and activities

This builds their self-esteem and confidence. Show them that you are proud of their efforts. A childcare centre located close to your work will enable you to attend many of these events. Take every opportunity that you can! 

At Little Kingdom Childcare, we regularly schedule events that parents can attend and participate in. Please feel free to come along and share these special moments with your child!

We’d love to hear your tips for dads! Please provide any thoughts, ideas and comments.

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