Childcare & Its Impact On Young Children

We understand the pressure that parents face in finding the perfect childcare centre for their child. Dropping your child off for their first day at daycare can trigger a range of emotions in both of you. You are not alone. That’s why at Little Kingdom Childcare we ensure that from the first day you drop off your child, we live by our ethos of love, nurture and educate, enabling your child  to form strong bonds and foster a sense of belonging. Soon enough, Little Kingdom Childcare will become a second home for your child and family. 

If you feel the daycare guilt all parents have felt at one stage or another, we’ve compiled a helpful list of benefits that childcare has to offer your child. 

The impact of childcare on a child’s development 

Babies are born ready to learn, with around 90 percent of brain development occurring in the first five years of life. Additionally, research shows that children who participate in quality early learning programs are more likely to arrive at school equipped with the social, cognitive and emotional skills they need to help them to continue learning. 

Higher levels of educational success, employment and social skills have all been linked to participation in quality early childhood education. Therefore, growth and development for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years is our focus and mission. 

A high-quality childcare centre with a great program will significantly boost your child’s social and emotional development in the long term. Let’s take a close look at some of the benefits childcare has to offer your child: 

  • Foster healthy habits — Whether it’s learning how to wash their hands or being responsible for packing their bag, your child will both feel like they’re taking charge of their day and learn how to establish a routine. High-quality childcare will provide a safe space for your child to learn new skils in a safe and encouraging environment.
  • Develop literacy and numeracy skills — While reading or writing will teach your child the fundamental skills they need for their education, certain things can only be taught by interacting with their peers and teachers. From storytime to arts and crafts, these valuable teaching moments will help your child to grow and develop. Other hands-on activities are designed to work on their cognitive skills, such as counting with building blocks or fitting wooden puzzle pieces.
  • Build their emotional intelligence — Your child needs to have consistent interaction with other kids from early on to promote higher levels of empathy, resilience and social behaviour as they grow older.
  • Promote learning throughout their life — Early childhood education will afford plenty of social and cognitive experiences with their peers to promote independence and a positive relationship with learning. Childcare will benefit your child’s transition into primary school.
  • Increase their sense of confidence — Even as adults, we feel self-assured when we succeed at something. A child rewarded for their efforts will feel empowered and capable. Their resilience will grow so they can tackle the challenge that will come their way for the rest of their life.

Little Kingdom Childcare — the best Sydney childcare centre

The positive impact of childcare on a child’s development is undeniable. At Little Kingdom Childcare, we become a part of your family. Based in The Rocks, in the Sydney CBD, our location is convenient for drop-offs and after-work pick-up. Our primary goal is nurturing and caring for your child. By choosing our childcare, you choose a holistic learning approach targeted at your child’s interests and educational needs. To book a tour of one of Sydney’s best childcare centres, such as our facility at The Rocks, reach out to us today.