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Little Kingdom Childcare
GraceI had just given birth to my daughter, Viviana, when I found out that Little Kingdom Childcare was opening a brand new centre at The Rocks. Since I work right next door at Quay West Hotel, it was like the stars had aligned for our family. We knew we had found the right child care centre for our beautiful daughter when we met Nina, Fatima and George at the centre tour.  They were so lovely and accommodating, especially when I mentioned that I wanted to be with Viviana during the first few weeks.

To find a child care centre that welcomed, even encouraged, mothers to stay with their children for the whole or part of the day was like huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Viviana and I have been at the centre for 3 weeks now and although it will be a struggle going back to work soon, I know that she is in the safest of hands at Little Kingdom Childcare, The Rocks centre.
Little Kingdom Childcare
3My son Freddie just had his first week at Little Kingdom Childcare and it was such a delightful and positive experience for both of us! Leading up to our first day I was very nervous leaving Freddie at Little Kingdom however as soon as I stepped foot in the wonderful centre and saw how happy all the children were I knew I had made the right decision. The facilities at The Rocks Centre are beautifully put together and feels very inviting. The fact that there is pram storage is a dream come true for me as it has made things much easier logistically. My favourite thing to do at the centre is watch Freddie run around the indoor grassed area and play in the sand pit with all his friends.

With my husband currently working overseas, he really enjoys reading all the updates about Freddie’s day on Storypark (an App that keeps parents involved in their child’s learning via instant updates). My husband and I appreciate the level of care and consideration by the Little Kingdom team to ensure that we are always a part of the process.

Fatima and the team have made mine and Freddie’s first week at Little Kingdom so easy and enjoyable. I feel very confident leaving Freddie in your care, and even more so, I know he loves going to the The Rocks Centre!
Little Kingdom Childcare
1I love how conveniently located Little Kingdom, The Rocks is to well…everything! My office is in George St and I can actually see the centre from my work! This makes me feel very close to my daughter as I can visit her whenever I want.

We live at Dover Heights and catch the ferry from Rose Bay. My daughter and I really enjoy the experience of catching the ferry together as every ride is a different one. The Rocks is also very convenient for my wife as she can drive and park her car in the parking area (just below the centre).

What I love most is the fact that The Rocks Centre will soon be introducing Spanish into their curriculum - it really sets the centre apart from the rest. This is very important to me as both my wife and I speak several languages and we want Olivia to speak at least three languages. We are also very excited about the introduction of music into the curriculum.

I was really happy when I found out that the owners, George and Fatima’s son is enrolled at The Rocks and that George’s sister has enrolled her children. This just illustrated how family oriented Little Kingdom is – it’s not just a business. Fatima has poured her heart and soul in the centre and it shows.

The centre is also very unique. Working in property investment, I have managed buildings that include a childcare centre and none of these centres have had the same outdoor area and natural outlook that is available at The Rocks. Magnificent is the only word I would use to describe The Rocks Centre
Little Kingdom Childcare
screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-11-00-29-amLittle Kingdom Childcare’s location is great because it is only a 5-minute walk from Circular Quay and it is on my way to work. Living at Manly, this is a really big plus for me as it is an easy 20-minute journey from home to work each morning.

Although convenience is the main benefit, I also love how big the rooms are! I also enjoy receiving the storypark emails at the end of each day and am always in awe about how many activities are offered at LKCC!
My eldest is 4 years old and starting school next year so my greatest concern was her not being prepared for grade one. She did not really know how to write her name and I did not expect Little Kingdom Childcare to so quickly implement an effective transition program and was very pleasantly surprised.

What I appreciate most about Little Kingdom Childcare is the fact that the staff are so understanding and accommodating. As well as my 4-year-old I have 10 month old twins who were sleeping too long in day care and when they came home they were restless. When I told Fatima, she was very understanding and now monitors their napping time. I really appreciate that the staff have adopted our routines and worked with us to ensure the best outcome for my family.

All in all, I have a really great relationship with Fatima and all the staff at The Rocks, and have already referred other families to Little Kingdom.