Khushboo is our Centre Director at Georges Hall, before being appointed at this position she has worked with children for over 11 years as a childcare educator and then as an Early Childhood Teacher.  It was during this time that Khushboo developed her love for learning and encouraging children to love learning through play. Her favourite part of working at Little Kingdom Childcare Centre is seeing the smiles on parents and their children’s faces when they first walk into the centre every morning. 

Khushboo values  imagination, creativity and believes that children learn through sharing ideas with peers and educators. She believes that families and community play an important role in children’s Education. Khushboo strives to create a learning space that is positive, safe, calm, creative, sustainable and caring. She believes in providing safe, motivated and home like environment to children, families and educators.  In her position as a director and an educational leader, Khushboo looks forward to modeling this through her interaction with families, children and educators. Khushboo strives to become a positive role model by mentoring the staff in all possible ways to make sure that they enjoy working at Little Kingdom Childcare Centre just as much as she does.

When not at work Khushboo loves to play music on her keyboard, hike in natural surroundings and spend time with her family.

  • Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood and Primary Education
  • Masters of Education
  • First Aid Trained
  • Asthma and Anaphylaxis Trained