We are very excited to introduce Bruno, our Alpha Tykes Spanish teacher for The Rocks. Children over the age of 18 months will have the opportunity to participate in our extra-curricular AlphaTykes language program, fully supported by the Early Years Learning Framework.

What is AlphaTykes?

When we talk about AlphaTykes, most parents assume we are referring to one of our beautiful Little Kingdom educators – little do they know that Alpha Tykes is a language program!

This idea of offering a language program specifically designed for children, was what gave birth to the well respected AlphaTykes program. This thriving Australia program was founded by mother of two, Lean Webb in 2006 after she travelled to Africa, Asia and the Middle East and discovered most children were able to learn a second language with ease.

The AlphaTykes Spanish language program is taught in childcare centres across Australia. There are two programs available; AlphaTots (18 months to 3 years) and AlphaTykes (3 years to 12 years). The lessons are interactive and involve dancing, story-telling, games and craft activities.

Why is learning a foreign language important?

Learning a foreign language is the ultimate brain booster. This is because the process of learning a language creates more synapses in the brain and dramatically increases the density of the grey matter of the brain. Recent studies have shown there is a window of learning for foreign languages. This window starts to slowly close as early as 6 years of age unfortunately.  With the AlphaTykes program incorporated into a child’s early learning, there will be a significant increase in communication skills, confidence and a broader cultural view. In fact, studies have show learning languages enhances growth in grey matter in the brain better than any other subject area.

Stay tuned for some great photos and excitement.

For more information on AlphaTykes please visit the official website.