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May 15 2018


Grandparents play a very special part in children’s lives. They can give children lots of love and security, have fun times and share the family history. Children are lucky when… Read more »

Apr 30 2018

Why Optimism Is Important And How To Help Your Child Build It

One of the best things parents and educators can provide children is a healthy attitude to living. There is a sense of satisfaction and achievement for parents who feel confident… Read more »

Apr 21 2018

Four Reasons Why Children Bite And What You Can Do To Prevent It

Biting is often a normal part of a child’s development that passes when they learn other ways to express themselves. While biting can hurt and be frightening for the child… Read more »

Nov 23 2017

Four Strategies to Raise An Inclusive Child

If we think of humanity as a large family, then to be inclusive means that everyone has a place at the table. No one is excluded, marginalised, or left… Read more »

Sep 29 2017 Working mother with children

Parents: Managing Stress And Making Time For Yourself

When was the last time you finished a novel? Or went on a long walk? Or slept in just because you could? As parents, we love our children and want… Read more »

Sep 01 2017

Grow and Learn Together – 0 to 6 months

Here at Little Kingdom we love caring for young children and seeing them grow and develop. Each milestone is a special moment for all of us! To support your understanding… Read more »

Aug 22 2017

Five Things That Successful New Dads Do

While both parents provide loving care for a child, dads have an important role in children’s development. When dads are hands-on with their new baby and respond warmly and gently… Read more »

Aug 15 2017

Seven Things To Look For In A High Quality Child Care Centre

If you are a first time parent with no real experience with child care it can be hard to understand what high quality care is.  To make things a… Read more »

Aug 13 2017

Why storytime will help your child’s early development

Sharing stories, talking and singing every day helps your child’s development in lots of ways. Reading books from day one can help your child become familiar with sounds, words,… Read more »

Aug 12 2017

Five Ways To Make Your Daily Commute To Childcare Meaningful And Enjoyable

At Little Kingdom Childcare, we have families that travel each day via buses, trains, ferries, cars and by walking. This is a great time for working mums and dads to spend with their… Read more »